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Exultation  (2021) |  relief print on BFK 64 x 36 in.

Exultation (2021)  |  relief print on Kinwashi 64 x 36 in.

A group of larks is called an exaltation, an ascension or a happiness of larks. The print is an exaltation of larks in the driftless area of Wisconsin. It represents the unanticipated positive impact of the covid pandemic: learning to treasure and celebrate each day. It is always true that each day is a gift. But in the midst of the loss and fear, the pandemic brought into sharp and immediate focus the importance of rejoicing in each day of life. "Exultation"

One Thousand Sunsets (Until You're Gone)  |  photo collage

Eighty-Four Days of Gratitude  |  mixed media assemblage

Covid Quilt  |  hand colored photographs in mixed media assemblage

That Which Sustains Me  |  mixed media assemblage

Bleak Midwinter  |  photo collage

November  |  mixed media assemblage

Corvid not Covid  |  woodcut

Mourning Dream  |  mixed media assemblage

Athena Counsels Pan  |  woodcut

What's Missing  |  intaglio

Reeling  |  photo silkscreen

Luck  |  intaglio with found objects

Selene   |  woodcut

Spheres of Privilege  |  collage

Superb Dreading  |  cyanotype with found skeleton

Summer Solstice  |  photo collage

No Self Bar  |  mixed media

Pan  |  Woodcut