Printmaking  |  Collage  |  Mixed Media

One Thousand Sunsets (Until You're Gone)  |  photo collage

Eighty-Four Days of Gratitude  |  mixed media assemblage

Covid Quilt  |  hand colored photographs in mixed media assemblage

That Which Sustains Me  |  mixed media assemblage

Bleak Midwinter  |  photo collage

November  |  mixed media assemblage

Corvid not Covid  |  woodcut

Mourning Dream  |  mixed media assemblage

Athena Counsels Pan  |  woodcut

What's Missing  |  intaglio

Reeling  |  photo silkscreen

Luck  |  intaglio with found objects

Selene   |  woodcut

Spheres of Privilege  |  collage

Superb Dreading  |  cyanotype with found skeleton

Summer Solstice  |  photo collage

No Self Bar  |  mixed media

Pan  |  Woodcut